A warm welcome


The Ostomy and Continence Insights Forum (OACIF) is created with the aim of providing a secure place where people can discuss and share their ideas for improving the quality of life of users of ostomy and continence products. We aim to help to solve members' problems, either through suggesting improvements to products, providing solutions evolved through personal experience or passing on information which may be helpful in solving user problems and issues.


We would like to invite you to have a look at our forum. In the forum we will be discussing ostomy and continence issues.


With this page and the forum, we will provide a format for ongoing companionship and dialogue and also reach out to engage with the broader community of people concerned about ostomy and continence issues.

News & announcements

The site and forum started on July 16th 2014. Both are still new, and in its early stages. We are building this community together, and hope that with the help of you we can acquire knowledge and spread this to other people with ostomies and continence issues. Please join in and discuss the issues that matter to you!


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